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Hello Ink Fans,

We’ve set up this website for those of you who are into tattoos and are looking for you next tattoo to be one of those tattoos with meaning. Across the website we have covered all the meanings behind the most popular inkwork today, we hope that some of these tattoo meanings inspire you to create a great design.

On each page you’ll also find some wonderful tattoo pictures, the mythology behind all these tattoos with meaning as well as some handy tattoo tips. We’ll also show you the best places online to design your tattoos. The initial design stage is the hardest part of the tattoo process and Tattoos with Meaning will be with you every step of the way. We have researched the meaning of tattoos for hours and hours, we know everything there is to know about tattoos and their meaning so your in safe hands…

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It’s a brilliant site that has more free tattoo designs (once you join), than any other. They really do have something for everybody and if your serious about tattooing being a member is a must!

Anyway, back to what you need to know when your considering getting one of these tattoos with meaning…

Tattoos mean a lot of different things to different people. We concentrate on the tradional tattoo meaning and leave it down to you, the tattoo wearer to adapt your own sense of individualism around your tattoo.

When getting a tattoo you must consider these very important factors…

  • Where to get it done?
  • Which tattoo artist to pick?
  • How much detail do you want within your tattoo?
  • Do you want it in black and white or color?
  • Where on your body do you want it?
  • What kind of tattoo you are looking for?
  • What does the particular tattoo mean to you?

Afterall, you can look at thousands of tattoos with meaning but the one that really matters is the one that means the most to you. At the end of the day it is your tattoo, no one elses. We’ll assume that by visiting our website you are at the start of the tattoo journey. Have fun, be creative and choose wisely. Our website will point you in the right direction and will hopefully give you the base for a tattoo that you will enjoy for a lifetime…


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