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so that the blood can form a little pool the result is

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ply to such institutions for the reason that the servants

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insufficiency where the patient lived to the age of

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ethyl chloride to freeze the part. In hospital prac

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sistent for months. I have sometimes given digitalis with strychnin in small

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times appears bewildered and unable to leave her chair.

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man Oliver Ransohoff Dandridge G. M. Allen Samuel Allen Murphy

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vular disease whose origin seems obscure. Packard also regards these cases

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to be carefully considered in determining the amount

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fever. Short draws attention to the fact that these

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muscle which is brought about in one of two ways A muscle or

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vein where the left internal jugular vein also enters.

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off at their muscle origin and were amput lt ted. Simi

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cured of dyspepsia but now had excruciating pain just above the symphysis

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base generalizations. Avoiding detailed statistics it will be. my purpose

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ings for the treatment of ambulatory cases of tuber

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tendon has been used coming on ten days or two weeks after operation.

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by John Cotton at two dollars a year payable in ad

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The great value of formaldehyd as an antiseptic in surgery has brought

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mended for his excellent work. The book should prove

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must be taken into account together with the signs which indicate hyper

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ray on bacteria had varied greatly according to dif

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by a suitable climate and a not too great elevation.

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as seen in paralysis agitans appeared about five years

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ment. At first the patient should be placed on milk

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stretched. To remove the immediate cause of her distress it was proposed

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during the night from rectal saline injections and vig

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from sjTTiptoms even when the alveolar CO still re

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blood permanently. The instrument is graduated in such a way

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known anatomical distribution or one or more nerves

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been pointed out that the prison should be very much

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technical difficulties accounted primarily for the fact

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gical intervention at the completion of the examination..

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from the disease before their admission in whom the

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