Anchor Tattoo Meaning

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Tattoos with Meaning – The Anchor Tattoo Meaning

The anchor tattoo has been a favourite amongst military men for decades. Even prior to that there are artefacts that confirm people nearly 2000 years ago had a soft spot for the anchor tattoo, it’s regarded as one of the oldest ancient symbols.

Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – A Male Anchor Tattoo

The anchor is usually encorparated into a bigger design, rarely do you see an anchor tattoo standing on its own. However, the anchor, more often than not is at the centre of the design. Thanks to military men, particulary sailors, marines and naval aviators the anchor has been a focal point in design for years.

Quite often it is seen pictured with mermaids, sailing ships, water and many other nautical symbols. Creating a tattoo that is original using the anchor tattoo is no easy task but is doable.

The anchor tattoo meaning dates back to the ancient times and suprisingly is a symbol of the Christian church. The anchor tattoo should be seen as “someone who holds the ship steady” so to speak. It’s something that keeps you safe through adverse weather conditions, a stand still even when the rain is pouring and the wind is heavy. It stays still despite trying to be led astray.

Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos with Meaning – A womans take on the Anchor Tattoo

Although that is the central meaning to the tattoo it also has a more obvious meaning. In the early 1900′s sailors would simply have the tattoo done at a young age to show they were part of a ship and effectively, was just to show others what they did for a living as well as being a bit of a tradition amongst young sailors. Ever since then it has grown in popularity and spread the world. For more tattoos with meaning, check out the rest of our site.


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