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nection Is erysipelas of the face any the less an inflammation because the

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pensive it is for a medical journal to keep its pages strictly clean.

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other diseases. The occurrence of a disease in several members of the

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trary judicious liberality in food gives better lactation

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of the kidney to excrete the noi mal constituents in

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school the dismissal of the nurse with a cold logically

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for sterilizing large vessels of water. Kruse in the

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literature. The final results of his analysis of the an

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symptoms such as circulatory difficulties

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the acne bacillus is the direct cause of the disease

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masses floa mg in the fluid motion the condUion seen n

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It is rapidly absorbed by the peritoneum and acts as

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due to a gastric or duodenal ulcer gall bladder dis

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ventive measures were not specially stringent. Isola

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and nearly always absent in the apices. The clinical

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nephritis. The pehic viscera were massed together by

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grain and 5 pints of saline injected beneath the breasts.

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to those in a healed case of tuberculosis. Dr. Dixon

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ployed as a preventive of spasmodic croup as well as

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tunity for the reclamation of unfortunate children. It would certainly seem

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tween 25 and 45 c.c. dropped gradually to between 12

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interest of simplicity efforts must in such cases be

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give attachment to the vastus externus and vastus in

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the Medical Section of the Scientifico BIedical So

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urine is vtxy complete. The suggestion which the author makes advising

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ing bowel he could not say. He did not recognize the

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lung somewhat similar to those already reported and

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both for typhoid and paratyphoid. It is very rare as

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millimeter is surrounded by 8 unruled squares of the

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urinary analysis it may be of interest to know just

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pause regaining it when the increased breathing supervenes.

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and student a concise but I hope a sufficiently explicit descrip

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activity and not the elementary base which affected the

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Dr Wenner says in animals the pulse goes up rapidly through tugging

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feel pain in the head and chest. Their features i ferocious cec

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Lawrence claims that about 7S of hernias in adults existed from child

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only as aerial entities and the consequence has been

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