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form of inflammation or from ulceration the resulting cicatrix diminishing
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Under atropin hot compresses and bandage the irritation gradually subsided
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fibroid change in the bundle of His. The A Titer had
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Intraurethral Operation for Pathological Conditions in the
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If the physician assumes to direct he must himself give more time and
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the general practitioner had a good knowledge of uranal
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of suitably equipped and properly conducted hospitals
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presence of an ulcerated area by the detection of the enlarged cervical
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Still one did meet with cases in which it seems that the
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confirmed at autopsy. The past medical history throws
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whereas the percentage mortality includes all deaths
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things that have been accomplished and points out that
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The function of the lympliatic system is to provide
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course turns backward into the medullary portion for
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source of supply. These long continued cases convince us of the fact that
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meter. In the further progress of the case the number

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