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that it maintained the isotonic quality of the blood.

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women. But the family physician of to day was little

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ous injections of adrenalin there results a genuine

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of paratyphoid infection. If this case be excluded all

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ing bridge lay across the spinal column at about the

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the lower about the position of the second or third

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appendicitis have been causing the trouble and evi

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time of his prosperity many will very properly regret his disastrous failure.

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tube distance of 36 to 40 inches and the plate placed

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facts demonstrating the existence of an etiological rela

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the real laboratories of the medical school are the

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stops lactic acid fermentation and thus destroys the

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tiff the trial court excluded this evidence from the jury.

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have had 22 years experience in quite a large obstetric business.

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moval of the source of infection 2 persistent local

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times acts well as a cathartic in these cases. As a

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perienced hands is a harmless procedure it is almost

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side. The chalk racks should be cleaned each evening

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the causal factor was eliminated by the urine while oth

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lar occupation die from a disease in larger numbers

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French systems of gymnastics are described in detail.

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taken the Law it will be because we are more conscious

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end the work has been divided into three parts dealing

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were referred from many different sources and while

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ing radically and early all lacerations of the female

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Every intellectual student of the problem of infant nutrition whose ex

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financially independent and has a good income therefore it is difficult to

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of surgical cases all these must be within the reach of

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of the optic disk and complete effacement of the physi

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ment for some time. Four years ago he was seized with

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taining the organism of this disease. The melons were

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the brain are generally congested but extravasation of

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department have been greatly increased and liberal ad

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other 0.06 gm. salvarsan was administered followed by

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sponges and other accessory details of operation to various subordinates

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marshall its phagocytes at will and to manufacture the

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only when there seems to be absorption of the fluid

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ease. Dr. Crile showed pictures of Belgian refugees

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such as to put the patient in great misery. She says

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the mass proved to be a solid growth originating from

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the skin of the right side of the face. The tongue turned

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the systolic blood pressure frequently gives readings

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strual life after marriage and after childbirths. men

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thrombosis of the auricles the fatal termination may

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errors of various descriptions which have thus been brought undrr

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