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pleural inflammation over the affected area. Moderate

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in those treated during the first three days to 7.3.

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and fever relatively slow pulse vomiting vertigo stiff

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ment on behalf of the worst elements of our population. Truth and untruth

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Lowe and Meyer have treated forty three military cases

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an average 2 to 4 c.c. were thrown between the bone

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claimed there was one thing which if introduced into the parenchyma of

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prostration and as marked a tendency toward circula

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any pain but simply heaviness and fulness had a pal

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perfectly supplied with blood. The paralysis is sym

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patient was growing older steadily with a possible in

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My patient had recurring chills daily. I anticipated the termination of the

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Walter Lathrop has used a slight modification of Dr.

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previously mixed and cooled upon eight ounces of NaCl

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universal practice under such circumstances to replace the fragments which

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the standpoint of free will and personal liberty and

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the greatest difficulty that the tubes could be introduced and at length the

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interest. Ohlmacher s contributions on this subject are highly spoken of.

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inches at the very least must be allowed for the thick

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transitory relief as did abdominal belts. Local ap

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accommodation to near vision Thic h. cr in tne act ot

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The mental picture could be classified as a fear psy

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end of five years could be follow ed for five more the

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feine could be given in 3 grain doses every four hours

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the extensor longus from the carpus to the bifurca

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tion of strychnine every four hours acetyl salicylic

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The relation of the structures in the vertebral col

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The first such commission was formed in Newark N. J. about four

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eight showed nystagmus previous to operation. Caloric

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all liability to the plaintiflF because of the fact that it

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what successful eflForts were made through examina

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is a reality and is applicable in any labor in which there

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such qualification is regarded by the Legislature as nec

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fidence that an opinion given in a doubtful case without

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narcotic that put a period to the life of Socrates

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case of sessile carcinoma or other malignant growth

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to occur the bursting of bubbles may recharge the air

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extent that there was sloughing of the latter membrAnes with the develop

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tary ten years recording secretary and for the last

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Dr L P H Bahrenburg formerly of Pem berville this State was on

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