Barcode Tattoo Meaning

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Barcode Tattoo

Barcode Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – The Barcode Tattoo Meaning

Barcodes are a system used to control inventory and price check various items. It uses a series of vertical lines that can be scanned, once scanned data can be taken and stored onto an operating system. Barcode systems were first used back in the 1950′s when times were much simpler and certainly nothing like they are today. The system was so advanced that it spread virally throughout that decade and before too long barcode systems were used literally everywhere. Literally with everything purchased nowadays a barcode system is used, it’s been one of the most popular inventions of our era largely down to the market finally having a certain amount of control. As far as tattoos with meaning go, this is one of my favourites.

The Barcode Tattoo Meaning is supposed to be ironic. It is almost a subtle protest against the way the world has become, a warning to modern culture in a way. People don’t like the way how we all wear the same clothes, we all go to the same places, how we all listen to the same mass manufactured music or how we are all lured into buying the same products by clever marketing companies.

The barcode tattoo is a statement. If you have one your against a culture of commodities and are celebrating your own diverse uniqueness and are saying “I am an individual” instead of one who is following the crowd.

Lastly, taking into account all these factors, the barcode tattoo is issuing the rest of us a warning. That if we do not stay as an individual we too are in danger of becoming products. For more tattoos with meaning please check out the rest of the site.


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