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interstitial injections of anti bacillary solutions. In artic

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The diagnosis was easy on local examination. He had no doubt

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toma the center of which is a channel of communication between

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Feb. Somebody stole Martin s hat. Bash came in close touch with one

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duce that beneficial action which by a stronger excitement

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to seek personal fame otherwise than by doing worthy work and

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artery of the limb is furnished by a branch from the inter

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I. That the doses above extracted from the ancient authors

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patients neither had diarrhea nor dysentery and no history of these troubles. The

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is tolerated by the general intra abdominal circula

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Coma may be gradual or sudden in its onset complete or incomplete.

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of the attack we cannot form correct notions of their character and

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vancement. Confidence and a determined far reaching propaganda

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We shall see that in all cases ot urinary disease these four

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it and there was a slight serous discharge from the re

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depressants internally. Gangrene may result and must

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pensable at first and for at least six months it will

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Wagner at the Gottingen Congress of Physiologists in

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dose of strychnine dissolved in sterile solution. The writer observed

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mination de l astigmatisme d apres mi precede nouveau.

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been started. In the msjority of instances this treatment con

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The lesions always present various degrees of intensity in various

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which is excited by the renovated aftions of the part firft afFefted or

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and its semilunar two segments were far retracted. On

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of those diseases when debility has actually commenced.

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I know in the coarse lesion produced there is nothing quite similar

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obtaining pure culture have been tried out. In the early part of

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The causes of anaemia being generally apparent I need scarcely

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of the treatment the patients who generally were verj feeble and

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social and domestic customs and practices and on the state of morality

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of bark gentian serpentaria with aromatics and bi carb. soda.

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to think that as foon as the Fungus s become dry the Infection

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the nurse to press on the fundus. Antiseptics tended to

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