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No doubt the neurotic taint may be transmitted and predispose to epilepsy

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the front of the book. Altogether in spite of certain

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rheumatism under one year. Again this is early for tubercular bone dis

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The principal means of preventing the spread of con

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present knowledge as to exact and scientific methods of treating diphtheria

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wound of entrance. The smaller the instrument with which a punctured

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would travel around nowadays with lancet and basin

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regarded her as a drag upon the progress of the science

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the intestine the presence of scybala in one or more regions of

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nite amounts of natural antitoxin. In such cases either

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ciples of treatment of these cases of general septic peritonitis are two.

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Bulletin et Memoires de la soc. Anatom. de Paris 1904

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appreciated by those suffering from tuberculosis of

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volving the region of the basal ganglia in the posterior

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be open to the inspection of counsel on both sides but

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suffice. The author cites instances in which the em

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surgeon must not rely absolutely on the a ray find

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voted many years to inoculation has invented a spring

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HAVING lately had a case of tumor of the bladder which the report

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sixth rib was removed close to the costo chondral junc

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the pylorus was patent the dog was in perfect shape

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