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illness the skin was quite bronzed a dark greenish yellow color.

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of acute obstruction are among the commonest features of chronic

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have demonstrated to them that the milk thus obtained

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tiguity is explained by the infection of a school and

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the pneumococcus alone one to the pneumococcus and bacillus of influenza

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with the result that their organs had become affected

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but hopefully groping in the dark for a solution of

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cal purposes. It consisted of cloth coated on the back

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nature. Constipation is sometimes troublesome in little children

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that this new medical journal will rapidly take place among the honorable

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lieved in Pasteurization and suggested grading milk

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Induced by thrusting a Seton ncedle into the uterus.

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child after an attack of acute otitis media should have

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sclerosis which is really cardiovascular renal disease

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tient was last exposed Oct. 15 1913. He first noticed

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and a consideration of the so called neuroses iwhich needless to say are

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most intentionally ignorant the presence of plague infection in San Fran

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lies in front of these muscles and is triangular in

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blood in the extract. Gross retention was evident in

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Instead of succeeding the rock only flew a short dis

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tion of the pancreatic juice and the flow of the bile.

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Intranasal operations gave him fairly normal condi

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ragged in shape 2 mm. in length penetrating into the anterior chamber.

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the day s work the man walked to an adjoining rail

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rest in bed and hypodermics of pilocarpin the latter however being dis

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and borderland medicine. The most valuable and com

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Passive motion limited only in abduction and outward

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mouth and neck were normal. The pleuras were smooth and glistening.

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limit ourselves to endeavoring to keep the interior of the uterus as clean

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toward the cortex giving off at acute angles a number

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from ttie Treatise by Sir Jlslley Cooper Bart. Price

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an invitation to avail themselves of a free medical

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think of making a paracentesis until the pain had persisted for some hours.

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cussed the seventeen cases of encephalitis which he had

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nephritis. The treatment of chronic diseases had two

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streptococcic origin. Another condition that might be

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nels to neighboring or distant parts of the body where

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toxics vaccines and sera and for testing and stand

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tion should be used at its source. When this was not

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verse portion of the duodenum to the pancreas thence

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Since his experience with this case the author has made

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used in tetanus lest it provoke spasm of the glottis.

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symptom is present a severe eruption usually follows. There are people

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stop to consider the reasons. I he condition exists and as physicians we

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they the parents assured me the convulsions did not occur until after the

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The main advantages of percentage feeding may be secured when milk

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ducts bacteria foreign bodies excess of carbohydrate

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