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adian physicians do not read the Cleveland Journal of Medicine. It is

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of the organism intact. On the other hand the tumor

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tional result even though the Roentgen ray shows lack

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into the interior of the organ. These are thick and the

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as the surgeon and specialist. It was getting to be a

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The rapidity with which one edition of this manual succeeds another

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stipation became important etiological factors. If ap

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twice a day and cleaned. He received such constitutional and sustaining

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tive in the late cases especially in adults with prenatal

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be given to the health of the local babies and in the

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will be at the Jefferson Hotel the scientific meet

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only true of tuberculosis but of every other disease.

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acts and for no other reason and as a direct result

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organization making a systematic attack upon the prob

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While it must be conceded that the great weight of au

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have been the recipient from the Governor of two appointments Surgeon

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debilitated and failed to recover. Dr. Ginsburg also

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sore throat and pains over the body. His temperature


fitw Boohs to be found fn the Ckveland Medkal Ubrxry

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to suppose that better permanent results would have

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definitely limited in abduction and rotation. Again

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is not required for the nutrition of the tissues. These

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made every attempt to check it up with other condi

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to the touch over its entire extent as of a bag filled

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Dr. Willson in drawing his conclusions from the experi

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maxillary gland. It is due to infection by the strepto

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same coorse of treatment is indicated in cases in which the depression is

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Only with the establishment of the cause can we hope

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convenient amount for a hypodermic syrinee would contain the required

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This left thirty per cent who carried with them a gland

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and hard rubber tubes probes pieces of wire and wooden plugs. In one

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