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in the hospital service of the Department of Health

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has served the Association so faithfully was reelected president The other

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of symptoms of focal lesions in the brain and vague

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added that there was an idea in the old days that there

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recovered from the blood at the height of tlie febrile

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of the country practitioner and believed he was the

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Fig. a Case of Enteroptosis arising from an Umbilical Hern.a

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tions to their professional senses are privileged and the

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insects. He himself believes they are attracted by it

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Dr John G Spenzer has removed from the Douglass Block to the

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acute mesenteric thrombosis were the result largely of

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estimated at 16.08 per cent. is slightly lower than

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deaths from diphtheria and croup have been compared.

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fast and lunch and climbing a hill to reach home in an

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with some lateral motion existing at the time I saw him with considerable

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ficant fact that the campaign for the dissemination of

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separate for the sexes well screened well painted or

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be given to the health of the local babies and in the

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It is not necessary to point out to our readers the marked differences

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and report concerning existing conditions to so arouse popular interest in

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Dr A B Osborne of Hamilton Ontario who has for several years had

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Inflammations of the gall bladder are in the opinion

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peared. Later cod liver oil and iron were given. When

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sibly to be attributed to the abstraction of some im

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air and cold air were not identical. In certain diseases

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regarding the digitalis sold in tablet form what his experience has been as

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interesting points which Dr. Janeway had so ably dis

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ratus or extensive stock of reagents is demanded. As a practical labora

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considerably enlarged and improved 1 vol. 8vo. will

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