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for such signs and symptoms in all school children

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A teacher referring to the above typical report as a guide would expect

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in weight. Although told that an operation would probably prove fatal he

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promontory of the sacrum. The right blade is intro

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retic effect. Evidence has been found which indicates

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gave zest to this idea until some time later Spiegel

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Epileptiform spasms viarasmus and death. Rudimentary atrophic viscera.

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certain amount of danger. The patient of course does not die but there

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operation as one of distinct value in the treatment of

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invariably inherited from drinking parents. It seems unfortunate that Hirt s

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pink or gilliflower oil of cloves. Certain powders are

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has yet been noted but probably sufficient time has not

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fects of emetine are negligible when a dose of one

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HAVING lately had a case of tumor of the bladder which the report

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lines the electrocai diograph had already shown the

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inflammatory diseases even where pus is present would lead me to endorse

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tures being punctate or striated hemorrhages in the

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mation in gall bladder disease. Occasionally we would

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and peristalsis along with phenomena such as filling

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higher rate of metabolism dominates and controls the

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fifteen with subjective sensations of weakness there

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in length penetrating into the anterior chamber. The anterior capsule of

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this secretion in turn stimulates the liver to exces

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cannot take much pride in the present condition of medical journalism in

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was present a cancer of the body of the uterus he sug

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recovi ry. Seventeen days after the operation she suddenly vomited a large

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Schools for Feeble minded Children Resident Physician and Surgeon

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states that Ehrlich s theory is applicable in the case

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subacromial bursa may be spontaneously absorbed. The

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into a vault. Finding the church infected with putrid

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rectly named protein or casein milk. This error is one

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ports a case of acute ascending hemorrhagic myelitis

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size as those on the surface rather regularly distributed through both the

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well marked rise of temperature 20 hours later associated with chilliness

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one side or the other and one must then make a wide

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closures of a study of the living pathology in all its

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covered a cylindrical structure about 6 inches long ap

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weeks before the birth of the child. The conditions be

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These restrictions have been considered arbitrary in

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Colorado to identically the same conditions as before

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assistant p aces the ulnar edge of his hand firmly on the abdominal

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they sent him to the country to try absolute seclusion

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tume 4rs of the liver gall bladder and peritoneum intussuscep

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provided that the proper stimulation of sucking or of

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In spite of his busy life as a general practitioner

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sence of tubercle bacilli. The patient informs me that

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pains. It appears in fact to sensitize the uterus to the

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periment. They have had no experience of living vac

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mittee to prove conclusively the readiness with which facts are ignored in

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tion could present these four factors to those respon

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has come under his observation in reference to the use

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acute gas cases there was complete recovery with prob

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a rather surprising title. Dr Kelley s experience at postmortems in removing

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Whether or not one agrees with Mr. Lane either in his

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stop to consider the reasons. I he condition exists and as physicians we

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It then became clear that the Journal was dealing with a professional

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vestigation on the abdominal part of the alimentary

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physeotomy is indicated if the child is dead craniot

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central regions of the abdomen it pushes the more movable

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midge s reaction is negative as is also an examination

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the prevention of infectious diseases and vital statis

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lost by the fact that these cases were first sent to the

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lic of this dangerous drug instead of restricting it.

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corded that at the first observation Koplik s sign fever and some cutaneous

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