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the brain. The hi.story moreover of rather a sudden

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Her headache was gone belching better menses last week normal back

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College this season on the third Thursday after the an

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an extent that the entire contents of the capillaries

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The uterus was perfectly normal. It was in a healthy well involuted

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and the Rontgen Rays. Dr. Levin reported this case

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This book comprises a series of articles that first

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Credit will be given for the other if attended at any

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some extent that of the tissue substratum itself. While

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A statistical review was given of cases regarding the

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the child began to improve and pulsation returned to

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against a surgeon and an incorporated infirmary where

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recti and oblique muscles being stretched and separated from

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sional call but if he accepts he is bound to continue in

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prudence in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of

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Crile exhibited photomicrographs showing the identical

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thought and sentiment. In this attitude the public was

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from a high school such diploma being the minimum standard fixed by

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the neck of the lower jaw where it divides into the

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children the average duration of treatment in bed was 5 months and in

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internal saphenous or plantar digital plantar meta

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reference chiefly to the management of that fruitful source of anxiety

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Dr John W. Murphy of Cincinnati read a paper entitled Acute Mas

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lid. Reflexes were present and normal on the right side

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higher than that of carbolic acid. It is especially

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abate somewhat the density of popular ignorance. It

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came in with a diagnosis of renal infection and it was

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mit and rain falls there probably daily furnishing a continuous supply to the

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velopment of local health organization and the employ

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the skull it becomes necessary to ascertain the kind of instrument with which

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is now gently strained thi ough muslin and treated with

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most extravagant serum therapy. 5. The result of the

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often a bloody froth escaping from the mouth and nos

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aims the prolongation of life and the amelioration of

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uble salt known just what effect the sulphur of the

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direction of the State Board of Medical Registration and Examination of

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spersed wtih darker streaks or patches betw een the

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a depth of comprehension a wealth of assimilated ex

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their etiology in women. One should never operate for

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ous regions of the body with radium. Forty eight of

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cavity It may have been swallowed adenoid operation usophageal

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ball team were in excellent health and observed that

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terminating any infective process in the epididymis

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and the functional types of nervous cases latent tuber


of cases. Since the advent of his methods of opera

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of the operator and of his assistants must be submitted to the cleansing

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ment of appetidicitis. I have placed the number of new cases each year

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of New York after reciting the various causes of head

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use of different doses of the dye and by estimation

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be diligently sought for and when found in connection

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persists in standing on his feet the pain becomes more severe. It exists

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ordinary reduction in the number of circulating polymor

use this information to suggest how allopurinol can be used to treat gout

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ating cavities as fistula gallstones etc. do set up

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globules sometimes found floating on the top of bottles of modified milk

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pleural effusion mediastinal and other thoracic tumours causing

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guinal hernia 6 operations for radical cure of strangu

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a statement covering some phase of this subject has

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within range of the operation. Repeated bacteriologi

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