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the same in every observation. The patients were in

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of the lower jaw and draw the chin forward during a

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with a reasonable degree of skill and care but testi

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possibility however of finding malignant disease. This does not lessen the

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method of cure by extirpation. This to be successful must be early and

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a petition now pending before the Legislature of this

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So called sprain fractures arc typified by the fractures of the lower

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with the strains as isolated from sources other than

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in cases of leucemia in which apparently only good had

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Chemistry and Physics. A Manual for Students and Practitioners. By

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early recognition of tuberculosis of the kidney and of

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ed on anatomical demonstration and in introducing the

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unlikely that an alcoholic solution of mercuric chloride

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well and the careful watching of the blood pressure.

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lung gymnastics and breathing only through the nose

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manufacturers for first working the profession for patronage and then turn

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ONE of the most important questions in preventive medicine now before

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ples and practice of medicine and clinical medicine

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result from a compensatory vasodilatation to accommo

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so called irritable aorta and i without serious diagnostic signifi

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an average value of 1.74 per cent. or between 11 and

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often produced a psuedo tuberculosis and it was sup

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to allow them to sit for six or eight years with handi

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and if very ill lying wrapped in a hammock or reclin

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prostatic urethra the urethra proper or in the pre

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Parker reports an operative procedure the object of

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press if 500 copies be engaged before the first of Feb

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few months the author has seen three sporadic cases of

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posed on the surface corresponding to the filtration

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ened that organ that the ordinary friction of coitus

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enlarged tonsils. In giving this typical picture I fully appreciate the dif

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complete deafness as the feature of the case. Proceed

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phragm existed with subphrenic abscess the latter was

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tions. Two omissions worth noting are a list of illus

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He did not believe the treatment which the doctor out

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rection of only 20 50 or less it should be placed in

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of the submaxillary glands due to an epithelioma of the lip closely simulated

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strong solution by intravenous injection hypodermo

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of a nerve brought about a complicated reaction be

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repeatedly and the reasons for its failure are very forcibly pointed out by

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hemorrhage she had relief from sharp pain in the stomach. Nine months

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face sympathetic from the solar plexus both surfaces.

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the patient it has been quickly decided and many tedious consultations have

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adjacent soft parts adds another serious difficulty to

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do with the changes in the blood pressure. In regard

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