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toms of lues are often vague but their indefiniteness

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Prescribe so that the dose will be small in amount and

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had been some injury to the motor nerves of the eye in

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seventy five illustrative cases which bring the subject

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looned rectum and the rectal valves. In the early days of my opportunity

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consisted in curing a disease rather than in the re

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cystic artery to the cystic and hepatic ducts as Callot

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grave as such cases are almost invariably fata In 1 wel7

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water and salt intake should be tested from time to

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would be to treat the case conservatively but if one

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an advertisement for cash but necessity of meeting bills might be pleaded in

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particularly cardiac diseases will repay careful reading. In the summary

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lished recently by Teubner of Leipsic and attention

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Under dry heat massage and passive movement the condition of the

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thoroughly washed out antiseptically atropin instilled a compress and

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pneumonia primary in four cases secondary in 40 cases or 23 of the

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Dr J U Faustcr has removed from Paulding to Archbald Ohio.

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able. The patient is directed to abstain from further

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muscles have a relativelj fair prognosis per se but

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the treatment of disease than had been accredited to it

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larged. The latter were free uently small and variable

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