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District of Columbia Dr John B. Roberts of Pennsylvania Dr Charles S.

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a continuously increasing sphei e of usefulness did not

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temperature has become normal also reports them. Cases of relapse in

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as agreeable as possible. Pills and capsules are not

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its significance is often underrated by the aurist himself.

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technic of asepsis does not furnish absolute protection against infection.

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stomach dilated to the third degree had had careful and systematic medical

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over the abdomen and over the dorsal and lumbar re

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sight and found that almost without exception there

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ified in accordance with the direction of the writers

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be proved that these types occur in germ laden dust

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a disturbance in the lower part of the urinary tract

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neurosis per se does not exist in the shoulder joint. In

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death which the essayist attributed to the violent peri

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retic effect. Evidence has been found which indicates

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diagnosis of valvular obstipation may be considered as positively deter

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mentation of pathological conditions may be very slow

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tation is in the urethra and at the neck of the blad

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agents and in propagating it thenceforward in a pure

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sufficiency. 4 Local infiltration anesthesia should

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be pointed out that a high pulse pressure in mitral

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usually cause permanent damage to the tubes as well

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contract. It was also of opinion that exemption from

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tions of the sera in the Abderhalden reactions yielded

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worth while taking the risk of the operation in order

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They are certainly not all alike and should not be made

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suffocate herself by tying a handkerchief around her

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are the writer s plea in justification of this paper.

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facilities for accurate pathological investigation

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ities as Ramsbothan Hewett Churchill Parvin Tarnier and others oppose

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introduced without giving much uneasiness. From ob

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Examination. At right apex questionable dulness slight prolonga

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faint blue while with the triacid stain the nuclei are greenish or

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measure to reduce the retention of poisons bleeding

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longer than the length of the seroserous suture extend

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