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Child. Published by The University of Chicago Press
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is about six months old I give once a day besides the
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responsible for certain tropical forms of chyluria elephantiasis
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undelivered. She had been and was losing much blood. The next day
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application produces much comfort. The applications should be made
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such as fever malaise debility loss of weight and so
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Kentucky State Board of Health who informs us that a strong endeavor is
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out the consent of the parents or guardians is naturally
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Reserves to the annual encampment at Put in Bay June 24 to 30.
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losing their virulence just as the malaria organism is
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of 1889 that this disease can appear as a gastroen
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contents nor in the feces was any trace of blood ever
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promised so much has been terminated prematurely to the sorrow and
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it is well demonstrated by Fig. 4 which shows semi
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ric stenosis of infants. This fact tends to support
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publications which may be sent to it and an acknowledg
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may be reestablished and the blood removed gangrene
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putrid sore throat is prevailing among the children in
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his work is at least worthy of respectful considera
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the tendency of foreign enthusiasts in new remedies is to exaggerate their
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dependent upon other than structural changes the result of growths but in
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this procedure is especially useful in examining the hypochondriac
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less potassium iodide in the urine. The total elimination
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the next lower empty chamber b Congenital hyperplasia of the rectal
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congenital anomalies of refraction could be carefully corrected by suitable
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ing over a long period of time. This disturbance of
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care must be taken to see that the perineum is not torn
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years thirty six were found susceptible to diphtheria
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