Diamond Tattoo Meaning

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Diamond Tattoo

Diamond Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Diamond Tattoo Meaning

Diamond tattoos are nothing new, they have existed in some form or another for numerous years. Over time they have been adapted, changed, redesigned and been given new meanings on several occasions, despite all of that the diamond tattoo is still very attractive and very fashionable.

If your not sure whether to get a diamond tattoo then I really recommend having a look through lots and lots of different designs. Diamonds are perfect stones to use as smaller details in larger artworks. Although diamonds are largely associated with a gift given to a woman by a man, the diamond tattoo looks superb on both men and women. The great thing about diamonds is that you can give them your own artistic edge. If your a man then you may want too add some masculine elements to your design. Although, with that said the tattoo below looks brilliant amongst two roses, another image you would associate with women.

Diamond Tattoo for men

Diamond Tattoo for men

An Artistic Male Diamond Tattoo – Tattoos with Meaning

Did you know the diamonds are virtually indestructible? You could try to destroy one all day with a hammer and you would not succeed, and that brings me on nicely to the first part of the diamond tattoo meaning.

The diamond is a stone that is known to be indestructible, it is immune from damage. Many wearers of the diamond tattoo recognize these qualities. Like them, it may look fragile on the outside, but the interior is very very strong.

The diamond tattoo sometimes has a religious element to it as well. If you are a Christian you will believe you have a past life, your present life and your after life. The indestructible nature of the diamond means it will stand still, undamaged and unharmed through all these changes.

Diamond Tattoos

Diamond Tattoos

A More Masculine Version of the Diamond Tattoo – Tattoos with Meaning

I would say these are the main two reasons behind the diamond tattoo. It is one of those tattoos with meaning that you choose what relevance it has to your life. In some cases it will be religious, in other cases a symbolic gesture of your strength behind a fragile exterior and in some cases it will mean something as simple as the wearers birth stone. Whatever the diamond tattoo means to you, create a tattoo that truly means something to you and you will enjoy wearing it for the rest of your days…

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