Dove Tattoo Meaning

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Dove Tattoo

Dove Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Dove Tattoo Meaning

When you see a dove tattoo, do you already see a meaning behind it before you know the story? The answer to this question to most people would be yes. For a long time doves have been associated with love, peace and other messages so you could be forgiven for having preconcieved opinions on what the dove tattoo represents.

The dove is by far and away the most popular bird tattoo and that is mostly due to its appearance in many famous stories from as early as the year zero. If you have read any religious stories the dove will often be referenced as the bird that delivered messages. In fact, you could say it was the first phone-type system ever used.

dove tattoos

dove tattoos

A Male Wearing a Full Color Dove Tattoo – Tattoos with Meaning

It is believed that the dove would have a small note tied around its neck and would fly miles and miles to deliver this message to the receiver, never would it stray away from its purpose. This is where the first dove tattoo meaning originates. Its symbolic of the wearer being conscious of the path they are heading on and although unforeseen circumstances may sometimes get in the way the end result is always the same. Some would say this represents loyalty, others would say it symbolizes true dedication but that is really down to the wearer to decide.

As far as tattoos with meaning go, the doves is always poetic and beautiful. The doves main symbol is probably that of peace and hope. Although the dove became a symbol of peace and hope from religious stories, the great thing about dove tattoos is that it doesn’t have to have any religious symbolization at all.

dove tattoo men

dove tattoo men

Dove Tattoos are often used in remembrance for a loved one that has passed – Tattoos with Meaning

The dove tattoo can be used in anyway you want. It can represent dedication and loyalty. It can represent love and peace. You can take on its religious meaning or it can be subtly used as an image dedicated to someone in the afterlife. However you wear your dove tattoo make sure it means a lot to you as its meaning will be with you for the rest of your life…

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