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the other kinetic glands of the body with associated

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a better expectation of life aside from the special

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tion would have resulted in isolation of a paratyphoid

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the disregard of the physiological and textural features

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appendicitis I should have him palpate first before telling him any of the

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while in the 2 remaining cases the total acidity was

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there is then injected a larger dose this last will

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incumbent until full term and the contents are evacu

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A DOWNFALL 3 1900 is self explanatory and needs no comment

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the common practice of restricting the intake of sodium

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sickness can show itself. He attributes to it a di

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under tfiese conditions the mobility or nonmobility of the uterus on examina

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occupation classes having the largest number of en

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Dr L. G Williams of Fostoria a graduate of the Medical Department

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furthest contractile regions conductile. The transmission of

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to physicians for relief I feel it an opportune time

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stands open. This condition of the anus together with the sudden onset

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mors in the resected bowel. The pathologist s report of

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Second intravenous injection of 0.09 neosalvarsan Feb.

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tended to prolong the life of the provider of income

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tympanites intestinal colic diarrhea congested liver swollen spleen and

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necessitates the audition of at least the range from

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opium in some form. Such practice however involves grave danger to the

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to devise means for stamping it out. This committee called be

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like and contains elastic fibers and hematoidin crystals.

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by relieving the tunica of its serous effusion con

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was also constantly observed by many physicians among them Dr

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blood is only infectious when it contains a sufficient

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obstruction than are valves of similar thickness when separated by a longer

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history I at once proceeded to curet removing considerable placental debris.

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symptoms common to intracranial lesion. There was a

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sentials. We find for example considerable space given

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Frequently in examining one finger is not long enough. It is far

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Professor o Pathology at the Western Reserve University Pathologist to the Lakeside

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thesia and he immediately adopted its use and advo

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with starvation we have a valuable means of markedly

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vertebral spaces aided by contracting the arteries

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contribution to the linking of the concepts of slight

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years are represented largely by the additional illustra

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Disease. John B. Hawes states that they occasionally

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servation of Dr. Laura Chapin for various complaints

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Dr Dudley is to be congratulated on having so successfully condensed its

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the early years and given proper training could un

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adherent appendices. It is a point for moral consideration. To what ex

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