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which were about equally distributed in cortex and medulla. These cysts

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surgeon and chief of the gynecological staff of St.

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largest exeperience familiar with the gross appear

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The patient was sent to the Cleveland General Hospital and ice com

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till they cease again for a time. The symptom is frequently seen

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opia of medium or high degree with vision after cor

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made four fingers or less below the top of the great tro

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There are several grammatical errors in the text which seem almost un

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of the liver. Here there was external pressure. The investigation of

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knowing to what extent contraction would take place upon its removal I

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manner in medicine. That is to say it is necessary for

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The author considers sterile urethritis and ui ethritis

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Lester Scott relates the history of a lieutenant ad

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Individual Judgment. The paper enumerates the many theories advanced

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successive days for upward of a week that frequent and

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hospital but under treatment the general inflammatory symptoms have very

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or supposed facts as noted by himself or asserted by

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brick or concrete and if of concrete must have a layer

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acute indigestion after a brief illness on November

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the most painstaking care. Yet even after the operation is completed

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Front. Klieneberger despite the experience of a year

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tle relief plentiful affusion of cold water was at

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cilli in their feces a few days prior to their death.

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consolidation of the lung if well marked it suggests that the

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first attack on the whole a rather rare occurrence.

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function of the vagus was inhibitory and that in its

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the supposition that a toxic principle is responsible they

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put upon antiseptic wash atropin a compress and bandage. Examination

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sulted on the business 1730 and declared the cemete

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fibroid change in the bundle of His. The A Titer had

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disease is preeminently one of the period of life be

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that the secret of successful treatment of typhus lies

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they found three large gallstones in the small intestine.

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Institute of Cincinnati in the year 1857 is reported to have himself found

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was diagnosed in 60 per cent of all cases most com

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If any special symptoms arise I meet them according to the indica

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liffht weeks ago having exercised his mind over ea

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never present in a case of pylorospasm. The operation

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iner in the University of Birmingham Senior Medico

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of the liver Rail l.la.lder or pylorus or to abdominal aneurism

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looked upon as a quarrelsome drunkard as I have al

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oughness and authority which the work bears even upon hasty inspection.

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as well formed and useful parts nevertheless I con

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sible the child was delivered by cesarean section at

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abscess resulting from a suppurative salpingitis finally

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she points out that the prevention of lead poisoning

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is very indefinite and unsatisfactory and a protest is

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In osteomyelitis the treatment consists in relieving

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appalling. It is however of interest to note that many medical journals

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