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the development of the true cause. Heretofore it has

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mediately transferred to Dr. Meyer s hospital service.

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just anpreciation of the facts. With this advance had

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There is no one probably who does not believe in antiseptics or who

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testines. The base is in relation with the rectovesical

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terial will scon be available for the construction of

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THE city of Chicago and the State of Illinois having lamentably failed

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was somewhat nodular though of recent origin. Upon examining her teeth

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The general excellence of the work remains the same and the illustrations

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there was some tenderness in the lower left quadrant.

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tion between patient and contacts. From this study the

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a gastrostomy. Some weeks later there was difficulty in introducing the

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er purpose and that the payment of damages due to the

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The court held that this alone was not diagnosis within

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weeks. She recovered but continued to suffer at fre

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found in the urine at any time in pregnancy and that

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followed by necrosis and the formation of an abscess

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Nursing is not contraindicated following confinement

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ponade and ergot among others taking first rank. Under operation of the

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At the eighth week after confinement pain appeared in the left knee

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patients improved synchronously with the improvement

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Communication referred to Executive Committee. Communication from

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was surrounded by sterile towels and the entire body

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fact that the chloride was more soluble in the lipoid sub

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of eminence by sheer force of character being largely

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specific gravity was 1.016 and the urine contained neither albumin nor

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and the uterosacral ligaments shortened by the fol

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almost one half of the cases have more or less myopia.

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bag is then adjusted to the proximal limb of the U

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nels to neighboring or distant parts of the body where

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been finished the Clinical Lectures on Medicine and

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THE essential indication in chronic heart disease is to maintain the

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There are twenty nine contributions to this volurne

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curette all granulation and cicatrical tissue and at

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sisted upon finding a few papules characteristic of smallpox. Dr Cox later

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in the removal of periodical toxic headache in a very

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insoluble or it might enter the system as a gas in the

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his opinion it might even produce pyloric spasm. We

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duty at Columbus barracks has been ordered to accompany troops to the

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mothers whose only guide has been the advice of friends or the circulars

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V. Gaundiani presented this patient upon whom he had

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with the philosophy of this science with the appli

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pital is a five story structure erected by the Metho

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from the finger. The blood is allowed to flow into the capsule

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take place into other hollow viscera such as the stomach bladder uterus or

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