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THE recent statements by Dr Lanphear of St. Louis on the division of

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various types of these lesions is not difficult if one

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peated on the opposite side. It is a simple mechan

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In addition the imperfect oxyjjenation is usually asMxiated ith

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of putrefaction were sour to be smelled. It was not

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normal pelvic outlets. The musculature of the pelvic

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well until the apnendix was removed. In an ordinary

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the opening of the posterior canal. The posterior canal

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Examination of the pelvis showed a retroflexed pregnant uterus almost

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than 3 or 4 have needed anesthesia. Consequently I prefer the curet to

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pus formation had had time to take place. One should

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Public Health Association on October 22 26 through its chairman Surgeon

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throat of our infant charges perhaps even this dreadful form of meningeal

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gerated diet is continued for six weeks or two months

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patient left the hospital against advice and has not been seen since.

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thority that the deaths in London within ht last four

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of ipecac half a dram every half hour until vomiting

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ed 2 leukemias with which blood conditions this body

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