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ulcers healed after three or four applications nf the

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formed as soon as diagnosis was made I believe both would Ijave recovered.

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one could quite easily recover organisms in the sputum

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a pea green to yellow colored pus of a very o Tensive

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by this method. It was hoped that it might also be of

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croaching upon the left vault and readily palpable externally.

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Surg. Anat. amp Physiol as subservient to the Theory and

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cutaneous fat closely round the nerve and fixing it

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child. When difficulty is found in the digestion of cows milk instead of

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dency to act chiefly in the first stage of labor it can

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probably 10 or 15. He said that it ran along about a

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seventh left costal cartilage one inch from sternum it

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beat is really due to dilation with weak myocardium. In support of this

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