Feather Tattoo Meaning

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Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Feather Tattoo Meaning

Feather Tattoos are growing increasingly popular amongst women. Since the start of the last decade feathers have slowly been inked on more and more people thanks to elaborate designs and such a wide range of designs available. Most feather tattoo designs originate from birds, wings or even Native American imagery.

Trible Feather Tattoo

Trible Feather Tattoo

The most common type of feather tattoo is the single feather (pictured above). Although it has different meanings depending on who you are and your culture the tradtional meaning of the feather tattoo is symbolic. It represents the ability to take flight either emotionally, creatively or spiritually.

A lot of the time feather tattoos will be very distinctive and will often be a feather of a certain bird. Usually Eagle, Peacock, Ostrich or Egret feathers are used. If the feather is purposely chosen from a bird, the tattoo will then take on the characteristics not only from the feather itself, but also from the bird.

Tattoos with meaning can change all the time and do vary from culture to culture. However, with birds meanings and symbols never seem to change.

Birds are often seen as spiritual symbols as well as slightly mystical. Their ability to fly and breeze through the air gracefully is associated with humans freewill and love for peace. On the contary predatorial birds such as Eagles also represent dominance and a certain class.

Feather Tattoos

Feather Tattoos

Tattoos with Meaning – Perfect Example of Feathered Angel Wings

Most of the time you will see feathers as small details in larger artwork. One of the most popular tattoos with meaning today are Angel Wings. Angel Wings are two larger feathers formed together in the shape of wings. This represents peace and also protection from a higher archy.

Feathers can be combined with all sorts of artwork however. They will often be seen mixed with exotic flowers, falling from trees and even feature on more mystical mythical beasts such as gargoils.

If your thinking of getting a feather tattoo, be sure to have a look at plenty of different designs before you have it done. There is such a vast range of feather tattoos available you may miss the one that really says a lot about you…

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