Flower Tattoo Meanings

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Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Flower Tattoo Meanings

Flower Tattoos are without a doubt the most popular tattoos amongst women. They were probably the first tattoos that women were allowed to get. Back in the days were it was unacceptable for a woman to get a tattoo, floral tattoos broke the trend by allowing women a small subtle tattoo if they wanted.

Flower tattoos are also hugely popular with first-timers. Young women who are looking for their first tattoo often choose flowers as they are small, nice to look at and can be later become a part of larger ink work.

When having a flower tattoo done you have such a vast amount of options to choose from it is often difficult to know where to start. Floral tattoo designs range from small one off black and white flowers to chains of exotic flowers in full color. Flowers are much more than just a nice image on an attractive woman, they are symbolic and tattoos with meaning.

floral tattoo

floral tattoo

Beautifully Symplistic Flower Tattoo Design

Every flower represents something different. For example a red rose symbolises an undying love and romance whilst a pink rose represents grace and admiration. White rose tattoos mean eternal love and innocence. Rosebuds however denote beauty and youth.

Something like a lily flower means purity, over time this has changed several times. The ancient egyptians believed the lily represented fertility and in medievil times it solely represented the end of innocence. Tattoos with meaning vary depending on the different types of species. You will notice that the Tiger Lily means prosperity and pride whilst something like an Orange Lily denotes hatred.

Lotus flowers arguably have the deepest meaning of all floral tattoo designs. Lotus flowers can usually be found floating on the dirty water of a pond. This metaphorically speaking represents a clear cut purity about society as a whole. Even in dirty conditions with not much hope around, one can prosper.

flower tattoos

flower tattoos

Adding some color can really add the personality of your tattoo

If your looking for a flower that strongly represents beauty and is delicate then Tattoos with Meaning would suggest the Daisy. It’s very subtle but represents beauty, loyalty and faith in a very understated way.

Before getting a floral tattoo be sure to check out the exact definition of the flower you are looking to get, each and every flower has a different meaning although many of them are similar. Flower Tattoo Meanings are always along the lines of peace, love and loyalty and it should say a lot about the wearer…

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