Geisha Tattoo Meaning

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Geisha Tattoo

Geisha Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Geisha Tattoo Meaning

The Japanese phrase “Geisha” means “person of the arts” and a true Geisha is said to be a piece of art in human form. To Westerners in particular a Geisha is a figure of mystery and intrigue. Her pale white mask hides all emotion, her black wig is styled perfectly and decorated with jingling bells and her petite body is wrapped tightly by a kimono of vibrant color and gorgeous design. She wears thronged sandals and her tiny feet take tiny steps in her plain white socks, in her hand she holds a fan to her face in which she uses carefully in a difficult way which speaks for itself.

The color red is also a trademark of the Geisha, it is believed to represent fertility. It was believed that wearing red crimson underwear was essential to having healthy reproductive organs. All these exact features can be seen tattooed on men and women across the globe, however in Japan she is not seen as one of the great tattoos with meaning, but only a tourist attraction that amuses Westerners.

Tattoos with meaning do not often come as powerful as the Geisha Tattoo Meaning. She represents the epitome of feminine allure, power and mystery. Much like a myth she is believed to be hidden in the mist of society. She is famous for her beauty yet somehow is unattainable and too far out of reach. Although she exists, she is more myth than reality. She represents a dream, a figment of your imagination but also your deepest desires and aspirations.

Geisha Tattoos

Geisha Tattoos

The Geisha is associated with lots of vibrant colors

The Geisha tattoo is also often part of a larger tattoo as apposed to the more common stand alone Geisha. She will often be seen being protected from evil, harm and danger by a noble samurai. In a lot of these larger tattoos other mystical creatures from Chinese mythology are included such as dragons and demons.

If you are considering having a Geisha tattoo done then now you know why this is one of the great tattoos with meaning. Make sure you have a look at lots of designs before choosing one and having it done. Geisha tattoos are undoubtedly beautiful and you should be proud to take her with you wherever you go…

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