Heart With Wings Tattoo Meaning

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Heart With Wings Tattoo

Heart With Wings Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Heart With Wings Tattoo Meaning

The heart with wings tattoo is a symbol of several things. It is a very popular tattoo amongst men and women as it really gives the designer a chance to be creative. Choosing what style of heart, what style of wings and other small details within the tattoo are all part of the fun. Ultimately the heart with wings tattoo aims to be tasteful, artistic and meaningful.

Although these tattoo designs are more common on their own than they are together, a heart with wings tattoo can say a lot about your personality. The tattoo above shows a dark twist on what is usually a tattoo associated with joy. This sort of dark twist is more commonly seen on masculine tattoos as to feminine tattoos. Despite heart and wings being more feminine objects, this tattoo still proves very popular with men and there is no doubt it looks brilliant on men and women when implemented correctly.

 Wings Heart Tattoo

Wings Heart Tattoo

An Extravagant Heart with Wings Tattoo Worn By a Male – Tattoos with Meaning

The real meaning behind the hearts with wings tattoo is free spirit. For some just getting a tattoo is a statement about their own free spirit but this specific design takes that a bit further. The centre of this tattoo shows the heart, this is symbolic of “feeling alive” and “living everyday to the full”. The wings are a symbol of ones freedom to do just that, a statement that represents ones overall happiness with how they live.

Heart With Wings Tattoos

Heart With Wings Tattoos

Heart with Wings Tattoos can be used in a subtle way and be very sexy – Tattoos with Meaning

With that in mind you could also look at the heart with wings tattoo as being a statement of joy and optimism. The fact that you are living your life this way is something not everybody can do, even if they want to. The heart with wings tattoo in my opinion is one of those tattoos with meaning that you cannot fail to understand. By adding this tattoo to your body you are exploring a spirit that most people do not have and should feel very fortunate you have developed into such an individual character.

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