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completely recovered after being confronted. Of the

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of a few days schooling to one child. While waiting

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chlorhydria the high acidity was due to the presence

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of the divisions of the levator ani. In an ordinary

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supracondyloid process can always be felt during life when it is present.

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The second has to do with defects in inorganic articles

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Jewish child. It worked at the expense of the other

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examined within three days of her delivery the follow

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whoop u s also present in bronchiectasis gangrene of the

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was seen along the right border of the heart and paral

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ments filed against him and the unsecured liabilities amount to 1 391 631.

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examination of the brain was postponed until its hardening had been com

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On January 9 10 c.c. of cloudy yellowish thin fluid

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The appendix was said to be diseased and was removed.

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hands with radium and the author determined to try it

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wonder and awaiting breathlessly for the pearls of wisdom that may fall

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anamias and in conditions with glandular hyperplasia. It occurs

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chicken and some light fruits and vegetables may then

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ANESTHESIA Gr. av privati e a V6 lt rt a sensation.

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station and that later she walked home. That night she

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which makes it hypersensitive. In some persons nerve

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the streptococcus yet the patient made a good recovery. I have not used

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platelets. That a toxicosis is at fault is clear from the

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trend which had been that of curing pneumonia rather

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flame. The sealing is found to be efficient by the blood receding

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See fourth page following reading matter for Rates of Subscription

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fairly well tolerated. In still another case it was shown

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the etiology of alveodental pyorrhea whose specific

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tion. Only a sterile pledget of cotton should be placed

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made every attempt to check it up with other condi

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and intramuscular injection of camphorated oil and to

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forty to fifty minutes after the injection and lasts

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a bad attack when administered by other methods the

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b Inferior tendinous portion of the external oblique

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their work. The report was referred to the Executive Committee.

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reflex inhibition from an ulcer or carcinoma of the

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general practitioner and of the specialist. The liter

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tion was not contraindicated yielded satisfactorily to

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are identical with the larger processes of metabol

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study of this subject of light catalysis tends to throw

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Caudal Anesthesia for Prostatectomy and Other Geni

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modern German theories of pathological nutrition in

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uated from Jefferson Medical College in the class of

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It is unfortunate that the terms hydrate and hydroxid are used indif

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lateral fissures into the anterior lateral and posterior

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Cbe Influence of Sex upon the production of J ervoue

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little if anything is to be gained by injecting it in

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tions. The files of any drug store it was said would

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and here again should reason be given to the homeo

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recreant even in thought to the humanitarian teachings and endeavors of

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tributed to iodide of potassium an easing influence

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tween the ages of five and fifteen years have had a pre

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demonstrated that each of these conditions bore an inti

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