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tents. Diagnosis old gall bladder disease adhesions of the
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states that a deposit of coal dust is often found in
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growth on the superior maxillary bone apparently starting in the
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ject of dietetics was lamentably deficient. A review
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the septic anemia and proved of very material benefit
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lesser curvature than on the greater at the pyloric
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ed 2 leukemias with which blood conditions this body
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found in the fact that the uterine contractions cause
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the efforts of the university to raise its share of the
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tula is a suitable field for local anesthesia and by
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clude the use of drugs what methods would you employ
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her feet very much and there was no improvement. She came back to
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tutions in this country is considerably below the stand
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supplant the so called medical treatment of ascites due
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trectomy gives better results in such cases. The oper
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moderate the abdomen is flattened and bulging at the sides and
the first three days of the disease. The serum treat
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wisely said tuberculin can exert no curative action
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exercise are necessary iron must be administered in
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ceptionally excellent physical condition mostly sol
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are diagnosed as syphilitic and that 3 to 4 per cert of
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of a short duration for after the end of the second
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tunity was afforded. Hence it was found that crystals
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system is under increased stress and strain and unless the individual has
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the disease disappeared. A microscopical examination
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some instances the constitutional reaction characterized
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pathology involved indicating at the same time the affectmns in
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of Cases of Gas Gangrene. John Fraser states that he
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tion between joint tuberculosis and tubercle bacilli
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when the defects are ol large dimensions. It is my observation however
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appreciate that a large number of chronic offenders
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physician and with his advice the attention of the specialist Avhom he may
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white cells are usually lymphocytes. It also occurs n some
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and making traction with the fingers within the internal os still contracted
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etc. reserved for them by notifying the librarian in
acknowledged in the case of bee sting and of contact
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Jh esenUd to the Cleveland Medical Society December 5 1899
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for the hearing and private governesses importance of
optimizing hydroxyurea therapy for sickle cell anemia
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City according to the Police Census taken this year
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through trench warfare. The victims then find them
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at Toronto Thousand Islands Montreal Quebec and Saguenay.

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