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the midwife would be demanded. The question revolved

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leucopenia not leucocytosis is a feature of malaria. In

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that 63.2 per cent of the cases occurred between the

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leading to overgrowth of the skeleton and partial re

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ning been discharged anteriorly. However the eye symptoms might easily

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ciation it is planned to have at least one thoroughly

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stated that only about 40 cases of this nature had been

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cases inheriting two or three defects and in those cases

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While in the institution she did not know her age or

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respectful manner in which you always receive me as

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acute and the patient was feeble the pulmonary disease

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six species and of these the form most pathogenic for

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onstrated the presence of the fat splitting ferment

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with everything heaJed but the bridge of scar tissue

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crime.always impressed him as significant facts point

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gave the first noticeable manifestation of the

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localized pain or tenderness. Four of the five cases had

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with a similar decrease in the proportion of hypermetropia. A large pro

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anal outlet intolerable itching or other complication

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structive effects of the bacterial products upon the

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The medicine of childhood also although still greatly neglected is rapidly

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to recognize this at the time of operation was responsible for recurrence of

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tion of qualitative tests for various classes of compounds. The section on

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disease generally arises there is fever. If the dis

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into the development of his non epileptic brother or

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patient s health may also help in arriving at a diag

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prospects of successful achievement on a par with the

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dressed a letter to the physicians of Cleveland citing instances of

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Dr. Janeway said he had used the expression practi

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rigidity on the right side of the abdomen extending ap

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the differential diagnosis of gastric cancer from a

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the ileocecal variety rather than ileocolic because the appendix was still

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shrunken condition of the cerebral convolutions especially those above the

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to recognize this at the time of operation was responsible for recurrence of

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peptone produce a condition of reduced metabolism in

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ment is suitable only for early cases of the disease.

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correlation between the degree of the atrophy and the

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Examination. The visceral examination was negative. The normal

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Jhrcc types uf arrhythmical dyspnoea may be mentioned

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out of the circulation by separate force by physiologic process the toxins

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observations it seems clear that the x ray is a very

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epidemic died out. Somehow there was a tendency for

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reached in the seven previous editions that followed

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How permanent the improvement will be the authors are

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practical points each of which seems so simple that in the majority

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