Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning

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Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo

Tattoos with Meaning – Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos are for both men and women. The tattoo pictured above is a vibrant colorful koi fish tattoo on a mans arm, you can see the feminine koi fish tattoo a little further down the page.

Kois are generally known as beautifully colored fish in Japan (Koi is Japanese for Karp). Although they may seem like a fairly common fish private dealers and breeders have been known to pay in excess of $500,000 for a particulary attractive Koi. However, the Koi is far more than just an attractive and collectible fish, still to this day it is one of the most popular Japanese symbols.

femal Koi Fish Tattoo

Femal Koi Fish Tattoo

Beautiful Female Koi Fish Tattoo in Black & White – Tattoos with Meaning

The Koi boasts many noble traits but it is most famous for its fearless approach to climbing up the waterfalls, it is not scared of being caught and even if it is, it will wait peacefully on the chopping board for its fate unlike other Japanese heroes such as samurais.

This story originates from a Chinese fable, supposedly a Koi was told that should he be brave enough to climb the great heights of the waterfall, the legend would reward him by turning him into a dragon. The Koi succeeds what seemed an impossible task and was rewarded.

That brings me on nicely on to the real Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning. It is one of the few tattoos with meaning remaining. The Kois attempt to climb the waterfall represents its courage, its braveness, its ability to exceed expectations, its belief that it could attain higher goals and its willpower to overcome times of difficulty. The Koi tattoo symbolizes many features strong humans have today and is always worn with pride.

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