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without bringing relief to the patient who suffered

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feeble. She raillied however and seemed to be making a most favorable

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it does not seem entirely satisfactory to attribute

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in the urine being often as low as 0.1 per cent. and the

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worked holes in them through which to reach the penis

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detriment be influenced by some of those teachers who belittle the use of

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There is no one probably who does not believe in antiseptics or who

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of the penis elephantiasis of the penis and scrotum

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ical practice act. Some of this censure they have deserved and some they

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changes in pressure in both the diastolic and pulse

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From Mr. Crawfurd s history of the Indian Archipelago.

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of the knee joint it is surprising that the patella in its

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Nitrous oxide and oxygen constitute the safest of anes

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tion between the edema and cardiac or renal insuffi

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sufficient to care for all its tuberculous victims in

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etic treatment of diabetes and the albuminuria should

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strangulation. Externally swelling and lividity of the

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sufficiently near a large city for cases of nasal in

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rectum is probably not as objectionable to most persons as is inspection of

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value of 22 per cent. 4. The non proteins lie between

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admitting patients suffering from acute lobar pneu

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be discussed will be acute impotence from e.xcessive

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with progressive marasmus without getting out of bed so that from the

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Medical College Hospital the author has never encoun

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The upper boundary of the area of abnormal dulness in the

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receive complaints from the inhabitants who lived near

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it is impossible to say how much the process is due

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choroid which will allow free drainage of the subre

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fibroid and right tube were removed followed by the

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internally and below and externally to the fascia lata.

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they have colon bacilli. What is the source of these

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fingers under the edge of thi muscle and so palpate the deeper

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reflex action interfered with resulting in a residue

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Morphine was given beneficially in nearly one half of

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the mastoid portion of the temporal bone as I judged from the direction

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move normally I cannot see the advisability of giv

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proof of the reality of acquired personal resistance.

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ment to be followed. Recently however the Lakeside Hospital has secured

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extremely unusual and said such a finding should not

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bullet was felt to be lying apparently fixed at the back

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courses of any kind. He said he thought the relation

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large square piece opening itself and showing the nui

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lems of obstetrics than was his predecessor of a quar

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toxins aids in the return to a normal of these pancreatic

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interne must accompany the ambulance on a sick call. Other routine busi

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ticles on diagnosis and treatment pediatrics surgery

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clientele that were hampering to full development. Mis

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by an extreme variety in size and shape of the corpuscles. In

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Analysis of the urine collected from the left kidney

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of real scientific data in the camp of the antivaccinationists. The emotion

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ment. On the other hand even a slight adhesion producing angulation of

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A day or so later he suddenly collapses and i. dead

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symptoms caused by a depressed fracture or visceral injury of the brain.

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lary carcinoma with a non degenerated pedicle. In no

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fall of 1914. This epidemic was traceable to an ice

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of typhoid bacilli either on agar slope or in peptone wat. r is

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fore be confined to those forms of mental disease in

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be little doubt that slight cases of indisposition

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task of differential diagnosis proper treatment and

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cases of unconsciousness from insolation and in all

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the patient to follow the reasonable instructions and

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Secretary J. A. Thompson Cincinnati Assistant Secretary left open for

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age the operator. There are so many questions which enter into a decision

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hard to foretell. Before long a vicious circle is often established the patient

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to leave some ovarian tissue there That there is an internal secretion I

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