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mitral stenosis may be only audible in that position. A
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There was suspicion of typhus. Upon contact the pa
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time they reached the surgeon in this roundabout v ay
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Oakes Bethany Home City Miss Margaret Carnahan. Maternity Hos
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As the freshly removed brain is inspected the most striking feature is the
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as they pass along the unwatered thoroughfares into
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the tube after which a small drop of the mixture in
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possible that the presence of the salts may set up a chemical
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on October 24 1914 under ether. A thoractomy on the
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very conservative in regard to operations. He is wise also in the advice
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the public that Dr. Dorr a man of experience in ope
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for the District of Berkshire on Friday the 26th of
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attacks paralysis begins to appear affecting chiefly the
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the use of antitetanic serum as a prophylactic. In re
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cartilages to connect it to the breast bone a strip
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think of making a paracentesis until the pain had persisted for some hours.
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sented this paper in which he said that it had been
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Dr George A. Fackler of Cincinnati President of the Medical Staff of
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than intussusception relief might be obtainable without operation which
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was that this vice was very common but no attention
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text book on infant feeding a very few words would make the directions
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of the 31st and the disease ran the usual course of
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but they all showed the same rapidly fatal results. It
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alone but appealed to three judges of the courts the
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useful To 1 c.c. of cerebrospinal fluid in a test tube
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in Paris. For the seven years before its introduction the average number of
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New 3rd edition thoroughly revised. Octavo 1082 pages with 253
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heavy piece of rock and tried to throw it some distance.
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Following within a year of its first appearance the second edition of this
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and ninety were found immune. Antitoxin in a dose of
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B ood e88 enucleation of the Coneits Under Local Hnesthesfa
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months of life he suffered with dyspnea and weakness. There was slight
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fair to supersede most if not all former methods un
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was an acute infectious disease how could there be a
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mother s breasts become flaccid and occasionally secrete
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occupations on children medical questions had come up
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semination. The lines of warfare on venereal diseases
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in proper relation to each other to give good align
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skin under this mark becomes very dense and tough and
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of the talk is taken up with a consideration of pre
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Finding no pus at this level a long straight broad liga
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portant to know when not to use it. A keen apprecia
low-dose levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol patch and pill a randomized controlled trial
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pneumobacillus of P gt ienlander a form of infection al
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liver of a soldier who died as a result of a combination
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in position. The india rubber tube leading from the
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examination of the paralysis both motor and sensory
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staff 1 performed abdominal section after the uterus had been first curretted.
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Purging. More or less severe cramps in the lower ex
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superficial temporal and internal maxillary artei ies.
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jority of cases the irritating effect of the encapsulating
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days without causing inflammation. These cases served
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venting its recurrence. At least 25 per cent more pa
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ankylosis of both knee joints which had existed for
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close to the inner margin of the ramus would easily
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von rirquet s etc. The index has been re ised and some
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constipation are not dealt with in this volume. Con
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in spite of a relatively good diuresis. This fact fur
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in a few days. Drug patients will also tolerate large
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ZULICK of Philadelphia believed that the trial of treat
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be present in sufficient quantity. 3 That the medium
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mobiles used by the visiting staff. It is heated by steam.
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of a foreign body or some de italized piece of tissue
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Evidently the foreign body was strongly embedded in the tissues as it was
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passed giving to the Medical Society of the State the
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discovered by the writer and first published by him
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the attempt has been made to present too many cases
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until the development of pustules on account of the erratic nature of the
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and usually disappears soon. The affection described by French writers as
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in all those chronic cases in which there was a clear

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