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ular structures of the bowels are rapidly developing and are more prone to

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swellings were soft and elastic and pressure upon them

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same as that of the epidemic form only as far as the

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oozing that sometimes takes place after all extraneous morbid material has

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or four days. There is slow liquefaction of strati

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gated at the sigmoid and rectal attachments and re

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tion. There is no history of specific infection of any kind although the

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interest and lucidity of the text. These case reports

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increase the clothing of the legs. This might be done

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bolic add for disinfection during the time required in disinfecting the wound.

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sufficiently educated to uphold and permit such apparently radicr steps.

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varies most beats are approximately 9a per minute the ex

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seen two cases of actinomycosis and that his bacteri

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The bottom of the vessel was drawn to a tube about a

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acute middle ear inflammation. It seems to me that the principles governing

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attendance on a patient physicians nurses and others

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vascular as to leave little doubt of this affection

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a large series of admirable colored plates. It can not

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other coils of intestine or it may occur in the retroperitoneal space causing

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usual opiates and with whom codein and nitroglycerin had proved the best

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unwise to attempt a ureteral and vesical anastomosis in

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surface of the everted margins of the transversalis

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circumscribed projections of varying size and shape.

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outward arises from the weight of the limb. There is

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physician with a typical case of aortic regurgitation.

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out that in the treatment of all conditions the indi

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congenital cystic kidney and adenocystomata of the kidney. Virchow

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Secondary infection of the stings is not uncommon. The

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tubular tissue in the shape of solid epithelial outgrowth. Neuwerck and

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Fixation of the round ligaments to the anterior vaginal

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niost deplorable controversy. It is difficult to explain the marked personal

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The Stability of the Infusion of Digitalis. Robert A.

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duplicated by fear anger sexual excitation physical

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oscope was placed as before and the assistant percussed

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on National Legislation Dr L. B. Tuckerman Cleveland reported that the

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ceed. He said this not alone because midwives could

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and this without shock c Sarcoma offers the best re

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tween the thirty fifth and thirty sixth weeks cesarean

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causes. Treatment This consists in resting the part

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tific progress and shows more particularly how scien

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passed through ulceration into the intestine caused ob

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emesis occurred more frequently in the afternoon than

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compressed cylinder of cotton three and one half inches

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tity chiefly the fluid part and the fibrin making ele

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tion above and behind the fundus was a physiological

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gether a band of workers who should systematically in

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region beginning just over the parietal boss from which

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I From the Eeth Israel Hospital Chemical I. iboi atory

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which these acid products could be neutralized and elim

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ization to the interpretation of the action of medicines

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character of St. Luke s Hospital of Niles Mich. It appears that a

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article on Vertigo p. 539. Here the mode of progression is of the

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A paper The Treatment of Consumption at Home by Joseph Eich

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to the patient. In such cases finding out and making

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of Kentucky and any member of the legislature of the eleven states in

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