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strongly and might forbid everything of acute abdom

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test is not very difficult. The difficulty in obtaining

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Dr. John A. Roddy of Philadelphia said that the re

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through the structure of the cervix into the muscula

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number of deaths from diphtheria. I have before me the figures showing

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filtered through cotton and paper. The dried filtrate is

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made in Southern California with a view to extensive

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been looking somewhat leniently upon the enthusiast who thinks that acute

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of cutaneous disease and the more accurate delineation

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a troop of Bulgarians recently confiscated two car

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cans the sort of instruction they need about tuber

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hand or sudden pressure of the finger tips will cause a defensive

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vary with the etiology and duration of the obstruc

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important part at times in such an attitude of mind.

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minutes after the fire started the building blew up but everyone Irad escaped.

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ishment seems rather excessive especially when viewed as a matter of ex

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and especially compound fractures when it is apparent

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gorged with blood and erection occurs as previously

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indicates plainly that the eczema is a colloid tume

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panied by the statement of the nurse that the sponges

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are apt to picture acid intoxication as a delirious

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secure relative physiologic rest yet enabling them to pursue their usual voca

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another interesting condition appeared and I decided to present the case

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ical Institution on Monday the 15th of March next.

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entering the lateral aspect of the rectum. After free

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of many years again played us a trick when we tried

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the ileocecal variety rather than ileocolic because the appendix was still

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involvement etc. in both of these cases did certainly

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The profession already well knows that Gould s medical dictionaries

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if that irritation be neglected the particular dis

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course of the former without his appearing to know it

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that had taken place in recent j ears. The earlier goiter

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peared in the pleura on the right side in the track of

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cultures from the cadaver often fail and the author

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the relationship of the more important abnormalities

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The tumor proved to be a firm fibroid of the uterus.

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ments were found much shortened these reinforced by the inflammatory

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indirectly learned that one patient has experienced recurrence of the symp

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Examination of Ohio and who have complied with the requirements for

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treatment by desiccation was much better than by in

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Optics Retinoscopy the Fitting of Spectacles and Eye Glasses etc.

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Reported as wearing glasses by February 15 1900 date of

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less the seat of the traumatism especially as the vesti

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frequently a nitrogen retention with these cases. They

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The appendix was said to be diseased and was removed.

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Dr Kinyoun in his report says that his own experiments with the

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intervals to take the breast. Brandy was given frequently as the pulse had

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little fluid and therefore this fluid was an exudate from

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The Statistical Study of Respiratory Diseases as a Fac

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The new isolation ward of the Cincinnati Hospital has recently been

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is of exceedingly great value in the treatment of can

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consist of granular connective tissue in process of

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New 3rd edition thoroughly revised. Octavo 1082 pages with 253

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is loss of appetite nausea and sometimes vomiting. The most characteristic

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of bursitis. The arm was held to the side so tightly

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had nothing to do with retroflexion or retroversion as

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much more commonly a cause than these figures indi

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shorter time. Streptococci are found in practically all

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