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author of the best Essay on the causes of epidemic fe
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luetica. Encephalitis in early infancy could only be
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suffering from terrible paroxysms of pain. Tlie pulse was 160 and weak.
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for the control of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism in
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World. Among the enlightened Directors of this system
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into the hospital. We curetted the uterus and explored the cavity with
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monocular blindness. For example the stereoscope a valuable instrument
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of a specific tetanus pneumonia. The deadly effects
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sciousness in a few instances. Sodium bicarbonate in
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a very marked thickening of the peritoneum in this neighborhoo lt l. This
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phenomena in the motor sensory and psychic spheres are of much
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some years since. He was the founder and supporter of Gerould Cottage
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suggest the following That very few cases of cardiac disease especially in
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above the umbilicus but it will depend upon the motor sufficiency of the
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dicitis cases by some physicians. The appendices are tender on palpation.
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underfed. He was more liberally fed with the result of
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these 23 patients 14 have since died and eight were
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from that time for fully six weeks the total output for
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that of an English walnut to a hazelnut. The largest
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book is of pocket size and bound in flexible covers. Two
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cutting pain in the right side of her chest. Her family

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