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application produces much comfort. The applications should be made

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legitimatized within the field of medicine after the

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lowed. A diagnosis was made of localized peritonitis

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and the patients frequently tell me that they sleep

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ence of the writer most effective. Borderline cases

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gerous to depend wholly on this evidence but the com

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the cerebrospinal fluid. 2 The absorption of digested

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by very disastrous consequences. The surgeons who but a few years ago

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possibly criminality were resorted to in order to bolster up an untenable

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their functions and activity. The nine cases are re

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A symptom of tetany. In this affection a tap over the facial

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In their experience both nitrogen and sodium chloride

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fession and the responsibility assumed by ignorant nurses and incompetent

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illustration in this connection he felt could be given than

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with the medulla oblongata and spinal marrow by two

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had no opportunities for cultural comparisons as for

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satisfactory except by reflecting that medical prac

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took place in the evening. The patient admitted drink

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