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ments or groups of elements are present in a substance.

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bacilli underwent transmutation. With reference to the

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numbness of the feet. In these cases the sensory disturbances are probably

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that was not rendered sterile by the primary operation

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service only in the first 4 or 5 days of the disease.

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places suppuration occurred about them and considerable portions of the

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the use of the breast pump is employed is practically

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exception of irritability and occasional delirium but

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trusion by pressure from behind without obvious defect in the

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of practitioners certainly the less common instances

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Division of Child Hygiene of the Department of Health

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him much inconvenience. This I removed one week later with an excel

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further extension of the gangrenous process watched.

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Northwestern University Medical School Gynecologist to St. Luke s

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from a ganglion on the side of the medulla oblongata

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present. The child s breathing was much interfered with owing to the

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not sustained that a hypothetical question cannot be

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clearly impressed than when treated of as independent lesions. On similar

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especially liable to infection but some of these cases we hav reported show

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Dr Qtotzt Orwig and wife of Toledo were asphyxiated by illuminating

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water as he had used it in only three cases. He had

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mending Imperial Granum. And so it comes about that the proprietors

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home. It was a well known fact early in this century that pioneers

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arsenic thinking of a possible occupation neuritis but found none. In a

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patients treated with autogenous vaccines had all shown

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course turns backward into the medullary portion for

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zation were seen in some lesions. There were also ef

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The evidence in favor of antitoxin may be most clearly shown by a

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thing about the diagnosis but the Doctor has taken that up quite carefully.

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excellent no other drug appears to combine so rriany attributes of clinical

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author has now carried it through twenty eight genera

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mistake that is made in such cases is to temporize for

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anterior tibial group. Talipes varus is an inversion of

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I tising proposition of the publishers of the Scientific American In

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Quid tarn indignum sapienti quam quod non satis ex

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that since three fourths of the patients with cancer of

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must have been from the uterus primarily and the liver secondarily.

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impulses which are sent out by the ejaculation cen

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Dukes of Kent and Essex amp c. amp c. There is perhaps

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in 1913 are the so called congenital inherited dis

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Clinical Distinctions between Cerebral Intoxication

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crowquill and about the tenth day is obliterated. The

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tests and name the disease or diseases in which they

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hoped the Medical Intelligencer will do much to estab

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