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showed in their blood antitoxin equal to a 1 10 fold

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and Dr. Lloyd amputation was advised and refused by

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gr. x to XV every three hours or if very severe mor

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resulted in two or three months since he had had three

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alcohol from contribution to the sclerotic total when

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tions but spared the ball of the thumb. The swelling

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ter of curiosity than because syphilis was suspected.

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Gangrene occurs in several ways. When the compression caused by

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the viscera Could anyone believe in the existence of such incompatible folly

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of an abscess. The.c ray plate demonstrated the shadow

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of dollars filling our penal and charitable institu

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lactic dose was not so successful the attack has been rendered less severe.

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of the State bureau of medical education and licensure

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cles. The pleura over the right side of the mediasti

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efficient should be used under the best conditions. The

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tages because what is required is a mild antiseptic

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appendicitis alone. WTien a violent pain takes place in

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injection no view of fundus on account of corneal scar.

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urine is vtxy complete. The suggestion which the author makes advising

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projecting into the mouth of the small veins and that

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after a brief illness on November 12 aged 39 years.

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The onset is usually attended with various prodromeSf

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in which the malignant growth has been removed by resection of the small

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night. Fresh air in abundance comes first. Second good food forced feed


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alcoholics both advanced in years and enjoy excellent

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In comparing this with the first edition that appeared

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tached a certain odium to such claims is also true.

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The address of the retiring President of the Association Dr J. T

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that it alone has the one true light it is probable

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fast bacillus as the specific agent. The one authen

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of the past year the following conclusions seem justified

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and in this connection the responsibility of the family

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of diphtheria it is the only specific remedy existant

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the third day. In establishing the diagnosis the author

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frightful ravages caused by it and quickly organized

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removed the adenoids. He recovered promptly from the operation but the

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a serious abdominal condition was present and after an

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Is only after long pract. e that the physician can safely permit

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filtered rays is small and when reactions follow radia

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hypnotic and analgesic powers it especially excels in controlling cough

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created and sustained was o.xidation. If the blood were

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the middle of Sept. amp predisposition to fever ap

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relieve himself in that way. After having the bladder perfectly cleansed I

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sues or to resect it and this is of greater importance

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to menstruate at the age of fourteen the menses were

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vents than water acted but feebly in ionizing it was not

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in general forcible avulsion of the secundines trusting to other means for the

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opportunity to obtain the desired end with the least

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ago for a so called neuralgia of upper and lower max

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the capsule. The straight end of the capsule is now sealed in the

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dealt with on the spot by the field ambulances instead

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schematically the disposition of the muscular coats

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