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sense of resistance of the abdominal muscles over one area of the

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a number of hospitals show that cancer of the bladder

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tice 5 to prosecutions for unqualified practice and

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wishing to have a fit of the gout and I am confident

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nant. These cases should not be looked upon as benign

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complete description of the etiology and symptomatology

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diagnosis in doubtful cases the positiveness of the opinion which can be

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tion of blood is under vasodilator and constrictor control yet without undue

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The symptom mentioned by Dr Bunts I have never seen. His remarks

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followed by a chill or fever or both which ushered in

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acute hyperexcitability of the motor centers in the

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some shade the surface should be graveled or turfed

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difficult to find out just what has bten swallowed. Almost every household

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rior implanation of the placenta usually the hand may

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eliminate the poison. The after treatment consists of

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with complacency especially when realizing that it may afflict any of our

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and if a consumptive is given a teaspoonful or so of the

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finally a localized cellulitis. I think in young children this condition may

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tion to hygienic conditions before labor and the nipple

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E. Bullock present a study made during the recent out

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in extreme cases without danger or inconvenience to

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simply laying the ear upon the surface of the patient s body but

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of the intestines following a fluoroscopic examina

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and other metastases might occur. This theory would

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two days and on one occasion he was compelled to re

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out a tampon wall arrest hemorrhage for the time the

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so universally present in chronic cardiac weakness so acting by relieving

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It is usual to record the pi essure in the brachial artery.

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boiled every day soiled linen must be soaked in a dis

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ifstematic catlMfterization must be instituted at the proper time and con

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the presence of obstetrical accidents. It is especially ap

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vision could be made for arterial communications into

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an apparatus was devised for this It con

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ways an exciting factor. 8. Though I have not prac

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dyle of humerus coronoid process of ulna and oblique

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that the platform this year adopted by the national prohibition party

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a number of hospitals show that cancer of the bladder

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diaphram. The gauze sponges were then carefully removed and iodoform

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Dr N. Stone Scott is recuperating from his appendicitis operation by a

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until the development of pustules on account of the erratic nature of the

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ination. A recent examination of the lung shows only

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portion of lymphocytes and a higher total count than

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thoracic duct which terminates in the left subclavian

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ever encountered and successfully divided. A gall stone could be felt deep

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in which the family history revealed but one. Those

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considered m conjunction with the other clinical features and

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of the lesser sac passes upward to the inferior surface

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hypersecretion in this section of the nose. It seems

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ordinary clinical and laboratory methods were not suf

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the trouble was that these tuberculous patients had

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get. As to the suggestion that a vaginal extamination is resented I believe

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same degree of safety as did the modern Braun tech

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was in a seemingly quiescent period and examination

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the convoluted tubules are dilated. The glomerular capsules are not dilated.

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usefulness has been removed by death therefore be it

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cerning the case I decided before operating upon the kidney to investigate


gained one hundred pounds since her operation. Still another patient who

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ysis and of symptoms in connection with a good per

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and gave a history of bronchitis recurring every winter

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presence of endamebae in the mouth or nose or both.

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sented to them on the history causes and treatment of

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The third operation embracing the removal of all the remaining portion

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right ide so as to strike the abscess directly if extraperitoneal or through

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