Clown tattoo

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The Meaning Of Clown Tattoos Throughout Centuries

Putting tattoos are art forms whether be it tribal, religious such as verse tattoos, animal inspired like cat tattoos and character inspired like clown tattoos. It sets no limits with the level of creativity that is insurmountable. Because tattoos stay on the body forever, the perfect tattoo design requires intense decision making because after all, it will depict the kind of person one is.

A Clown tattoo is one of the most common designs in the world of tattoo arts.

The meaning clown tattoo, often, are symbols of happiness. However, some of its symbols speak of characteristics as being crazy, scary, sad and evil. Some meanings of clown tattoo designs, at times, are perceived to be a type of mockery. These characters that are comic are loaded with buffoonery and makeup may represent an individual who seriously mocks the world he belongs in.

In history, the meaning of clowns was associated with ancient societies and civilizations. These “clown ancestors” played a vital role in old societies where their main purpose was to entertain the people in high powers. ForClown smilling instance, a jester was always present in ancient high courts. Its role is to cause laughter and entertainment to everyone present in the court. Because they are companions of kings, these clowns most of the time mock authorities and establishments. A trickster is sometimes what clowns are. To a few populations, clowns are illusionists. These are the people who possess the talent and skill to modify his performance and face, anytime he wishes to. With a rich history, it cannot be totally surprising why these subjects are popular as clown tattoo designs. According to some philosopher’s, the person who has the most power is that one person who can simply share his power and this statement definitely describes clowns. Therefore, a meaningful clown tattoo can also mean power.

With DC comic popularity, Batman and the villain Joker made a great impact on the lives of both adults and children, alike. Joker has been portrayed as a crazy and evil clown, a killer and a gangster. People with clown’s tattoos still have a lot to reveal about themselves.

Clown tattoo designs that have a smile on it but has a teardrop on the face represents an individual that has the capability of love and laughter; however because he or she is human, it also shows the chances of making mistakes. There are many aspects of the human life.Among life’s many aspects, creating mistakes and learning from it are parts of being human. An individual’s character is, most probably, the product of the sad moments and the happy times he had throughout his existence. The clowns tattoo should not be taken as a scary or a funny image. On the other hand, they must be taken in as images that depict hidden and deeper emotions of human beings.

EvileThe primary meaning of evil clown tattoos isa face with hidden pain, anger and duality; someone who has the tendency to keep real emotions. A positive clown, as mentioned above, represents happiness and enthusiasm. Because laughter, for thousands of years now, has been the truthful language of expressing an individual’s spirit, happiness and laughter are said to heal anything. A clown that is happy symbolizes the power of having these aspects and definitely is an individual of very high spirit.

The meaning of clown tattoos symbols that are commonly used include money, baby, grim reaper, jester, psycho, wicked, mad, mask, sad clowns bearing tears, flame hair, gangster, killer, skull, joker, crazy, happy face, insane, scary and evil.

Tattoos reveal so many things about the bearers. With the meaning of clown tattoos alone, a whole new character of an individual’s hidden self can be revealed.


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