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people in adoption of such means as they deem most ef
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writer s experience shows that granulation tissue is
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proportion to the Journal s business. There is some reason to believe that
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mixed with blood and scraps of fibrinous or mucoid material the
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objects are seen instead of one. The varieties and causes of
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No cause could be found. Nasal smear proved positive
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coryza and nasopharyngitis aggravated the tinnitus.
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in its normal position and hence it was superior to and
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for work complains of ill defined pains and loss of
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pletely encircle the pars analis in its entire length
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be to some extent interested in the matter. The advertisement frankly states
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he felt that few clinicians or pathologists would accept
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Baldy had given permission for the experiment and it
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conveniently divide the course of this affection into
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which has furnished me many pronounced and instructive phases.
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of the rejected and the unfit. He believes it is better
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cases in each of two classes two cases in one class
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persons and for one month in older patients and then
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but the young woman a recent syphilitic was not preg
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tions there are no acid fast bacilli in the feces also
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Dr T W Jackson formerly of Akron who entered the Army service
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condition and if removal was effected during the pre
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temporal side. The bit of metal was firmly embedded in the scleral tissue.
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standardization of the profession throughout the coun
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acute suppurative middle ear inflammation. Authors generally recognize
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have a renal death and probably earlier than the other
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They have found that organisms may lie dormant with
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the maintenance of a perfectly functioning vasomotor
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same streptococcus and the cultures from the epidemic
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pleurisy either dry or with effusion. While a careful
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since they realized more and more daily that the vast
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treatment of this disease for it is definite readily comprehended and char
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kept correct books of account was insufficient to show
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less than 1 per cent admit dipping snuff while 3.25 per
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largest and most active muscles in the body that has
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its surrounding and nourishing tissues. 5. The epiphy
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bed application of heat one full dose of opium paracentesis.
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cient to account for the symptoms present. It is this statement that caused
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small intestine was distended and a considerable portion deeply congested.
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section. The beneficent results from obstetric pro
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soft rubber was kept almost in contact with the skin
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in which they had concluded that about as many peo
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sight in an orthopedic clinic. The diagnosis of its
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renal artery were thickened. The adrenals bladder penis testes and lymph
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ures. In one case with a hemoglobin of 19 per cent two
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sterilization of all bedding etc. must be performed
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scribed and performed by the surgeon under an inde
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plications relieve pain by cocaine solutions internally
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tled they produce an internal secretion which is proba
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that in 1849 Gros described an Ameba giyigivalis. The
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each other. Although the defendant did not prescribe
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as noted in the Journai..last month the Board voted to employ Dr John
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the use of antitetanic serum as a prophylactic. In re
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bright reflex. There was a considerable amount of pain which was more
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orbital region was that in which the antero external
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and the extent of the field in which one s energies
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ately before he began to drink. He stated that at times
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ing efficient service to a whole army division. One
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ferent types of spinal injuries when different portions
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bacillus has been found in the bronchial mucosa of a
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umbus meeting and had been refused publication in the official journal. No
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duced lesions in the gall bladder in 80 per cent of the
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digested and systematically arranged knowledge is contained in the volume.
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sensorv nerves which are derived from the pneumogastrics. People who

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