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start with diseases of the mouth and take up in suc

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he has given one half an ampoule. This is one of the

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people recover from an acute rhinitis or laryngitis or

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posed that the infection might be carried from birds to

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and he compared these thythmic contractions to those

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used are that it is not disagreeable or irritating con

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which the was produced experimentally. There

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resting on the crest of the pubes and Poupart s liga

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anal tissues soft and chronically infected leading to

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foods and confections in which milk and milk products

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occupation classes having the largest number of en

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tive factor exercising control over conditions. The cost

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mia occurs when the blood supply to some other part

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way as in the interposition operation. All could not

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ress in the solution of the problems under consideration

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The patient made a very rapid and e.xcellent recovery.

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dusk and in poor positions with reference to the light.

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serum or quite cloudy and it might be free within the

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account of the great development of malaria in Italy in recent years. It

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tion could present these four factors to those respon

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The following statement by Howell summarizes these views as

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companied occlusion of the vertebral artery where it

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any other disease and the experience based upon numerous previous opera

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cause all physicians have the opportunity of making observations and it is

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the canteen these self esteemed wise men in their national party platform

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In 1893 after ten years of experience with my magnet in something

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stant death owing to the solubility of the cell lipoids in

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from ttie Treatise by Sir Jlslley Cooper Bart. Price

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pital three titnes during periods of excitement. Since

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the regular school. The phenomena of reaction of salts

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Dr Fannie C Hutchins has resigned from the position of assistant

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there were no lesions but that the sjTnptoms were the

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mately to serious defects in the nervomuscular mech

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was only 250 units. After a few cases had occurred the immunizing dose

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and publicity on this subject is that it is not always

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times but in which the wound of entrance has healed.

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might be divided into four general groups each being

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applied will appreciate the truth of this statement.

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conversion of the urea occurring in the urinary pas

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Street corner oi Franklin Street or at the Bookstore

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and he practically always preceded his local and spinal

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trouble since the previous spring. She had been treated heretofore for

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a case of persistent and complete heart block. There

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pain nausea or vomiting distention no bowel movement shock. These

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tinued until the palient recovers control over the bladder. Blood letting

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right clavicle. At about an inch above the right sterno

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quinine is about six times what it was a few months

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The position which Dr Senn takes with reference to the necessity for

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the circulation is not decreased so that in this disease the totai

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and world tours the physician must be certain of his

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point and eat up the germs has been an especially attractive hypothesis. The

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Ewart in a study of the influence of the age of the

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bor unions and in many respects is above the average

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ter name the Connellan King diplococcus was isolated

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forty one animals injected in contrast to an average

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child s general condition accounted for her fever. The family physician sus

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be made with the hand between the coccyx and the anus

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certain increase of weight due to increased fluid. An apparent

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In harmony with this the duodenal contents obtained

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of previous editions the alphabetic arrangement of the articles both in the

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I have thought that a few remarks with very brief reports of these

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