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ports two cases of leishmanial infection successfully
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ceived Vincent s vaccine resemble ours very closely
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somewhat contradictory literature has grown up con
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tank of cold water or ice water the water being of the
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neys liver and spleen are enlarged congested soft and
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ness and dull pain under her right eye which was ac
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defects had been corrected. In the first and second
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tion of the degree of impairment of the ability to ex
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use of atropin these do not break up. Examination with Haab s magnet
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been reported although perhaps not interpreted like the
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wards was retained for a long while after the opera
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shell of calcium salts. This enterolith which it was
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observed in these patients did not actually experience
side effects of long term use of methocarbamol
This committee feel it their duty to state that the
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Philadelphia read this paper in which he said that in
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tion such as was the basis of other anaphylactic phe
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surgical procedures in the lower abdomen and pelvic
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These figures are quite suggestive when one considers
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tion two weeks before his death because we have all
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well ventilated and sufficiently flushed may differ but
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into collapse before vomiting. On the physical side
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of fair color. Attitude stands and sits in a slightly
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opium alone or combined with bismuth subnitrate co
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fection since the field of operation will be bathed
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metal fixation was best employed for fresh fractures
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on November 8. Dr Magnus Tate after the banquet presented a paper upon
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ie norance and bigotry in this commonwealth. Pernicious as is the veto
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already ruptured. All changed to pustules within twelve hours. There
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TfichoccpUalus Dhpar Whip.worm. 1 x parasite is common
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it is a protection to the free graft from the circulation
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albumin out of urine. In acetic and nitric acids how
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tient had scarlet fever when a child. Six years ago she
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dancing hard floors and pavements high heels and thin
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clusive manner that alcohol was never a food in the
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determine their fitness. Before being admitted to the examination however
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uterus the prostate the rectum and the breast and in
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valve and whether such leakage might be responsible for the amount of
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off the redundant tonsillar tissue with a tonsillo
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the practitioner first seeing the patient. It was possible
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lapsed condition that would be traceable to the gauze. That it does occur
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nosterior layer of the lesser or gastro henatic omcn
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It might be necessary to repeat this cycle two four
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kept separate. The former circulates within the capil
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followed by an acute otitis and in the second a cold in
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bacilli in a sore threat mean diphtheria typhoid bacilli
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size to barely allow the bile to escape regurgitation into the stomach.
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Prescribe so that the dose will be small in amount and
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funds cannot be diverted to the payment thereof. Other
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stretching of the ciliary muscle together with the intraocular pressure grad
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the pelvis attaining such size as to produce obstruction of the rectum. One
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vesical space reconstruction of the facial planes etc.
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arise without much direction or supervision on his pari.
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method practised by Mr. Saunders of London has been
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carefully and you may soon be able to make a diagnosis.
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operation of choice for accomplishing this purpose.
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toid lingual and facial veins digastric stylohyoid
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various metals in their industrial use. It seems to
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small syringe. It is evident that the procedure out
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of tumor of the liver a probable hydatid cyst was then
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sound of the air current passing through the glottis and no doubt
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deeper than normal in many cases of rapid breathing however
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rapidly in February and March and reached its height
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thigh about the middle third which had been received
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the evidence of inherent common sense as well as tallies accurately with the
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The Milk Supply of Our Cities. It is one of vital importance

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