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use of atropin these do not break up. Examination with Haab s magnet

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President s Address Medicine a Profession or a Trade.

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doubt on the supposed properties of animal coloration

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the ileum and lower sigmoid or rectum is perfectly at

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bus. It has been established by experience that atypical cases occur quite

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inward. Above this was a cyst the size of a walnut.

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ford the whole class an opportunity for practical anat

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is one that can only exist in the absence of oxygen.

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is provided by the results of an investigation con

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The forces concerned in the circulation of the lymph

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of effort of this kind no results were obtained then

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in Topeka and was widely and favorably known among his profession. He

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most interesting and unexpected physical finding w as

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terian Hospital has received a serious setback. The

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year. He said that the local health officers were paid

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Dr. FiLiPP Kreissl of Chicago said in regard to local

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one hundred and forty nine were attacked with a pu

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in cases of leucemia in which apparently only good had

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tion or facility to neglect of primary duties which

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may be due to obstruction or perforation of the thoracic duct

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pulsation associated with respiration coupled with an

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present. What was the use for instance of Dr. Lewis

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swelling of the lids and discoloration lasting from one to several days each.

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this property of salt in healthy subjects troops on the

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sents a granular or red granite appearance and sinks

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very frequently reported. The abscess may be intra or extraperitoneal.

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discussed in the article on Trophic Disturbances p. 494.

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the space for the pharyngeal orifice of the eustachian

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guor and anemia. She was first seen on December 28

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portions. All the children were then exposed to the

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Draper s Conflict between Religion and Science. Dr.

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peritoneal cavity the umbilicus becomes flattened or even

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emetic dose of apomorphine hydrochloride 1 10 grain.

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management of labor. These points spoken of are not often referred to in

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Sixty fifth Annual Meeting Held at Philadelphia Sept.

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disturbances. The first impression that one obtains

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the community and make it possible for them to take

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majority of nucleated red cells were megaloblasts then

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tion. The primary tumors of the abdominal cavity which may without the

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of capillaries and are surrounded by a capsule which

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state of mental disquietude and caused anxiety to their

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septal cartilage had been extensively perforated suffi

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tions. While most cases were uninfluenced by treat

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pansion of the quadriceps and the periosteum of the

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those attributable even to the hj pophysis itself.

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examined several times but tubercle bacilli were not found. He was re

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