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The Kiermination of the number of red cells per cubic milli

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booklets at its pole surrounded by four sucking discs. The total

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classes three cases in each of two classes and fif

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or simple solitary glands are small masses of lymphoid

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esses with the result that their product is defective

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it may also be due to the loss of alkali in diabetic

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their average per cent of arrest in the Boys Juvenile

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page colored plates. Among the latter is an entirely novel series of 32

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painted about the infested places the bichloride remains

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ment for some time. Four years ago he was seized with

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malpractice in treating a broken leg it was held that if

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our diagnosis. I am speaking of things which are perfectly well known to

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prescribe a food adapted to the child s digestion at the time.

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course that heterologous animal and plant albumin of

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minds of many in regard to the differ. nce of these

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contracted such an ill odour that they could not be en

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feature the muscle tone is exaggerated the extensors of the knee

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just anpreciation of the facts. With this advance had

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cases certain points which are tender upon pressure. One of these is over

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the static wave over the snine sinusoidal and inter

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tion from the normal occurred whereas in meningitis

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sarily been inserted in small letter to give it place.

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pated but occasionally there may be scanty hard clay

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confirmed at autopsy. The past medical history throws

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fiammation in the ankle joint or in the tendons crossing

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method to metabolism results. In considering the type

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particularly to special localities such as the tem

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destruction of this excess would then react only in a

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a large amount of fluid and clotted blood evacuated.

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with this disease contains in the red blood cells especially a hemosporidium

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actual and 7.0 expected deaths a mortality ratio of

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material. Only a small amount of renal tissue remained between the cysts.

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examples of tubercular involvement of bones or joints the knee spine and

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excessive use is more or less familiar to all of us

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ether and the glass bulb should be absolutely free and

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