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blood count gave 7 200 leucocj tes. The patient was

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be explained by the fact that the heart is one of the

sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (bactrim ds) is known to enhance the activity of

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the disease was not any more common in the children of

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made on the clinical findings. Prostatectomy should be

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the histological changes occurring in the pituitary

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with war tetanus was able to save but 5 out of 31 cases

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also increased till the largest possible can be taken.

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could not be gotten by the ordinary timid methods of

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the plaintiff s mind it was rendered harmless by her an

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but is larger than in simple cases of enlarged tonsils.

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ing again upon our polynuclear police. Xe have in the case of suppurative

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before giving the symptoms. Such causes are as follows.

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irregular and arythmic. Of course the cyanosis was not especially marked

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and the pathological process to advance. In many in

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history I at once proceeded to curet removing considerable placental debris.

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stipation became important etiological factors. If ap

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Yet after viewing the subjects of actual infection

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physical examination inasmuch as at this early stage

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remedies that the tired heavy languid feeling have entirely disappeared

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gloyncrulus or Malpighian corpuscle. Each tubule con

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testinal hernias result more favorably than those due to intussusception

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sponse was equal to the illogical determination that

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tion. 4. The walls of this tube did not correspond to

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far as diagnosis prognosis and treatment are concerned be classed together

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mtestmal irritation the ova may be detected in the faces

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deleterious manner. Since the few symptoms that the

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this instance it would have been to have done a

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sential things which he had previously presented and

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method would seem to possess advantages over the in

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allows the discussion or quiz to be followed in detail with

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tiepileptic noors after she awoke ith pain abont tl

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should only be accepted on probation. It seemed from

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Dr Bunts asks about my use of hydrogen peroxid. I too have found

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those cases which have become seriously disabled by

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fractures at the base of the skull complicated by an external wound has

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of bacilli micrococci casts and urinary sediments cortical centers leukocytes

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the work the practice of routine is emphatically deprecated. The author

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ready prescribed external applications to the throat of turpentine and

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from obstruction may often be diagnosed but obstructions which cause

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and tinged with blood and bloody stools. Salivation

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and prognostic significance 4 blood urea while tech

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faces using the Lembert suture. Recovery was uneventful. Within a week

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ports a case of acute ascending hemorrhagic myelitis

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of either strychnine nitrate or sulphate to be taken

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which also impedes respiratory movements destruction of the

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and enemas are voided with increasing difficulty. After defecation the

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